Consumable automotive components

Any car during its exploitation requires a certain amount of consumables, a regular replacement of which is necessary to maintain good technical condition of the vehicle.

Consumable automotive components

Correct and timely replacement of automobile consumables increases the comfort and safety of traffic significantly and has a positive effect on the overall service life of a car. The frequency of replacement of consumable components is usually clearly stated in the vehicle manual.

Wiper blades

Getting dirty, car glass quickly loses its transparency, what is especially noticeable at night and in conditions of limited visibility (fog, snow, etc.). Even drops of clean water collecting on a windscreen scatter light and distort visibility. To ensure a good view a wiper that cleans a significant part of the outer surface of a windscreen (frontal and in some cases rear) using special brushes is used.

Wiper blades run out and deteriorate gradually under the influence of such factors as cyclic mechanical stress, temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation, abrasive particles and ice. The quality of glass cleaning begins to decline, uncleaned stripes appear, wiper blades no longer remove effectively even water from the surface with increasing wear. In this case they should be replaced immediately.

TMI TATSUMI wiper blades are available in different versions: classic conventional, flatwiper, hybrid (combining the advantages of both). In addition, it is worth highlighting in a separate category winter wiper blades specially designed to work in low temperatures with a reinforced constructure for snow and ice. There are also rear wiper blades, which are distinguished by unique fasteners and fully comply with the OE specifications.

The working surface of the TMI TATSUMI wiper blades is made of special rubber with a complex profile for minimization of abrasive treatment and effective cleaning.

TMI TATSUMI wiper blades are designed to provide maximum contact with a windscreen surface for effective cleaning over the entire possible area. The rubber element of all TMI TATSUMI wiper blades is graphite-coated to minimize friction and protect against premature abrasion. Flatwiper and hybrid wiper blades have even more efficient teflon coating for silent operations and extra durability.

TMI TATSUMI flatwiper blades are equipped with an adapter system that allows to install them on almost any modern car.

Auto lamps

The quality of a road’s lighting and the efficiency of the light signaling in a car determine the traffic safety, comfort and fatiguability of the driver. The use of reliable and high-quality auto lamps fully justifies itself from any point of view.

The TMI TATSUMI assortment includes a wide range of lamps of various types: miniature lamps for light signaling, halogen and xenon headlamps of many modifications. All lamps are certified according to European E-MARK standards.

Strict adherence to the specifications in the manufacture of auto lamps guarantees optimal visibility on the road at night. A special design of the spiral and the bulb gives additional brightness to improve the illumination of the roadway. High requirements for the strength of auto lamps’ construction have made it possible to withstand vibrations better and extend their service life.