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TANAKI's employees vote for the green future of our planet

We have always tried to take care of the ecology and our environment. We have a strong conviction that all of us should pay much attention to Earth's protection. Each of our employees brings something special to the protection of the ecological environment. To encourage this, we hold a special ecological event every six months, during which our company makes different environmental improvements.

This year our staff has voted for planting trees and flowers near the company's headquarter in Japan. We decided to plant greenery on this territory: fifty-two new trees, thirty-four new bushes were planted and two parks were improved during this weekend event. Our employees and their families tried to do their best so that in the future our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy natural landscapes in an urban environment.

In the nearest future we are also going to take part in the annual environmental summit in Asia, which is dedicated to various ways of reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere from industrial enterprises around the world.

We always make further decisions about the future development of such an important management area as environmental stability in our company together with our staff. The next "green event" is planned for August 2018.

TANAKI has developed and approved a new eco-plan until 2030

The press service of the company is pleased to make an announcement about the company's future politics. The board of directors has recently approved the company's development strategy for the next decade. The environmental protection program, which is planned until 2030, has become one of the key aspects of this strategy. We are glad to inform out consumers that it was developed with the participation of each of our employees.

The Tanaki company has always given its attention to great importance of environmental issues. This intention is presently supported by a legal document, among the main aspects of which the following key points can be mentioned:
1. Installation of modern purification equipment at all production sites of the company that allow to reduce total air emissions by at least 46% in six years;
2. Annual participation of Tanaki company representatives in the environmental summits of the Asian region;
3. Quarterly organization of corporate trips, which purpose is to improve the adjacent territory;
4. Support for employees' initiatives, including financial assistance, aimed at ecological protection of the environment.

We hope to continue following the historical principles and values of the Tanaki company in our future work. We will do our best in order to achieve it.

The birthday of TMI TATSUMI brand

It is a very important day today – sixty-seven years ago the TMI TATSUMI's ideological mastermind suggested the idea of the "New brand for the production of premium spare auto parts for the aftermarket". It is a very important day of the year for our company and we are happy to share it with our customers and consumers.

Sixty-seven years is not the longest period, but it is not small enough. We have tried to produce the best quality products for our consumers every day during this time and we will make even more efforts to this aspect in the future. We value each of our employees, who undoubtedly make their own contribution to the development of the common idea of the company. During this difficult and varied period we have repeatedly proved that it is possible to produce premium spare auto parts that meet all the necessary requirements and even surpass OE quality.

Today, on the birthday of the TMI TATSUMI brand, we would like to note especially that we rely on the core values of the brand and the company's mission and pass them to our current specialists, who, in turn, will pass them to future generations.