Filtration system

Filters prolong the operation of a car significantly and increase the comfort of its use. Obviously, untimely replacement of filter elements negatively affects on a car and can lead to a decrease in the resource of different units and even to their failure.

Filtration system

There are four basic types of filters used in a car:

  • - Air filters. Such filters are intended for cleaning the air entering the engine from foreign particles.
  • - Fuel filters. Their aim is to clean the fuel from various suspensions, dirt and rubbish.
  • - Oil filters (transmission filters). The main task of this type of filters is to clean the oil from various dirty products of mechanisms, carbon particles, etc.
  • - Salon filters. They are designed to clean the air entering the passenger cabin.

Filters prolong the operation of a car significantly and increase the comfort of its use. Obviously, untimely replacement of filter elements negatively affects on a car and can lead to a decrease in the resource of different units and even to their failure.

A high-quality filter element must have a balance of such characteristics as high filtration, good throughput and a high particle absorption capacity. Poor performance in any of these parameters will significantly reduce the overall filter efficiency.

Air filters

For a long and stable operation of a car's power plant large volumes of high-quality purified air are required. Otherwise, abrasive dust particles will quickly damage cylinder mirrors, valve stems, piston ring surfaces, etc.

The air entering the engine is cleaned by an air filter. In addition to high requirements for the quality of this cleaning, it is also worth noting the need to minimize resistance to the flow of incoming air, as well as the need for a significant filter capacity - especially for severe operating conditions with high dust content (on dirty roads, in a dry hot climate, etc.).

TMI TATSUMI air filters have exactly this optimal balance between low resistance to air flow, large capacity and high filtration rate (about 99%). Their unique properties are largely determined by a widespread use in the production of improved composite materials.

Cabin filters

To maintain clean air in a car’s passenger cabin, cabin filters are used, which are a type of air filters. In addition to usual anti-dust cabin filters, the TMI TATSUMI range includes series with a carbon layer that can reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the passing air, as well as filters with the addition of antibacterial compounds. The basis of TMI TATSUMI cabin filters is a highly efficient modern composite material.

Oil filters

High-quality oil filtration from suspended metal particles and carbon deposits is necessary for long and reliable engine operation.

TMI TATSUMI oil filters and cartridges are designed on the basis of modern composite material with filtration efficiency up to 99%. The high strength of the filter element allows to filter effectively even thick oil (for example, at low temperatures). The contamination capacity of our filters allows them to filter confidently at the highest level until the next scheduled oil change.

The internal valve constructed into the oil filters is made of ethylene propylene (EPDM) or silicon rubber resistant to high/low temperatures, depending on the specific model. It guarantees its reliable operation in the case of a sharp increase in pressure in the oil supply system and prevents even short-term engine operation in conditions of insufficient lubrication of moving parts.

All parts of TMI TATSUMI oil filters are distinguished by high chemical resistance, which determines their stable work throughout the whole service life.

Fuel filters

For a modern injection engine (as well as for a diesel engine), a thorough fuel cleaning is required, otherwise a number of elements will quickly become unusable. Injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps and the catalytic converter of exhaust gases suffer from impurities in the fuel primarily. To clean the fuel from contaminations special fuel filters are used. They are often installed directly in the fuel tank in a single module with a fuel pump in modern passenger cars.

The TMI TATSUMI range of fuel filters and cartridges is based on the use of modern composite material with high filtration efficiency in the filter element. All parts of TMI TATSUMI fuel filters have the required chemical resistance and work stably under conditions of significant temperature differences.

Transmission filters

Transmission fluid (oil) ATF in an automatic transmission transfers torque from the engine to the transmission, lubricates moving parts and also participates in gear shifting. Carrying out all these functions, the transmission fluid is inevitably contaminated with different products of moving elements and it needs a constant and thorough filtration.

The TMI TATSUMI range includes transmission filters based on an advanced composite material, which have a combination of high throughput and effective filtration of even the smallest particles. The special packing of the filter material provides sufficient filter capacity for long-term operation without significant performance degradation. A number of transmission filters under the TMI TATSUMI brand is equipped with gaskets necessary for their replacement.

All filter elements retain high chemical resistance throughout the entire period of their exploitation.