About the company

About the company

The TMI TATSUMI brand was launched onto the Japanese market in 1951. It is owned now by Tanaki, which office is situated in Japan. Tanaki has many years of engineering experience.

Spare parts for passenger cars under the TMI TATSUMI brand appeared in Western and Central Europe in 2008.
Auto parts under the TMI TATSUMI brand have won the consumers’ trust all over the world, their range is growing year by year with consistently high quality and maintenance of affordable prices.

In order to minimize costs and to ensure the best quality of products, modern high-tech equipment that meets the strictest requirements of car manufacturers is used during the production process.

Products manufactured under the TMI TATSUMI brand are made exclusively from high-quality raw materials. Careful selection of raw material suppliers guarantees complete product safety (including environmental) and ensures high level of productivity of technological processes, increasing overall economic efficiency.

One of the aims of the TMI TATSUMI team is a constant improvement of its performance and a product range expansion that is offered to consumers on the independent aftermarket.

The TMI TATSUMI brand produces and distributes a wide range of premium spare parts for the aftermarket. Many product groups are represented in the TMI TATSUMI brand, for example, braking systems, transmission systems, wiper blades, car’s cooling system parts and many others.

Making a choice in favor of the TMI TATSUMI brand, our clients receive profitable conditions for the purchase of spare auto parts, technical assistance and professional advice at every stage of choosing our auto components, as well as recommendations for their installation.

The following main advantages of the TMI TATSUMI trademark can be mentioned:
1. A modern logistic with the ability to supply goods in any volume;
2. An individual approach to each customer;
3. Flexible payment system and advantageous offers for high-quality premium auto components for cars of major world manufacturers;
4. Full technical support;
5. Reliable delivery service that guarantees delivery of orders on time in compliance with all agreed conditions;
6. A wide range of spare parts covering all major product groups;
7. Unconditional two-year warranty from the date of purchase for all spare parts;
8. High technical and working reliability of products.

The Tanaki team is aware of the full extent of responsibility to society and customers. Therefore, we strictly adhere to the norms of local and international legislation in the field of safety and environmental protection, following the principles of deep recycling of waste and residues used in the production of materials, as well as competent disposal of all types of consumables.

The main principles of the Tanaki work are:
1. Safety - comprehensive testing and obligatory certification of goods, reliable warranty support, the most complete information for the consumer about the properties of the goods in the accompanying documents.
2. Quality - strict adherence to all standards used in the production of auto components, permanent staff training and maintenance of customer feedback.
3. Availability - optimal pricing policy, fast delivery times, flexible payment system, professional technical support for all issues.

Over the working years the Tanaki team has formed a number of values and requirements for the professional qualities of employees, which it tries to adhere to:
1. Responsibility and integrity - honest, attentive and equal attitude to all clients during the work.
2. Team spirit - work by a well-coordinated and friendly collective to achieve the set goals. Such relationships improve overall performance and efficiency.
3. Long-term partnership - a customer-oriented approach within the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation and solution of all the consumer’s problems. We are responsible for the satisfaction of each of our clients.
4. Permanent development - daily professional improvement of employees in order to increase work’s efficiency.
5. Focus on results - we set ourselves difficult goals and achieve them in the shortest possible time.
6. Commitment to innovations - the introduction of the latest technologies in the production process.
7. Diligence and professionalism - we employ only highly qualified employees with specialized knowledge and technical skills, who are interested in further growth and achieving high results at their work.
8. Care of people - our specialists are always ready to help the client and find the best solution to his problems.

All products under the TMI TATSUMI brand are manufactured at factories that are certified according to international standards and are equipped with the most high-tech equipment.

All TMI TATSUMI products are regularly tested in special laboratories. The purpose of such studies is to verify the proper quality of the product and its compliance with local and international requirements of technical regulations.

Our consumers are able to reckon upon the assistance of TMI TATSUMI specialists in solving any problems that may appear during searching or selecting a specific product. This approach, as well as maintaining an optimal assortment and its availability in stock, taking into account the seasonality of demand for auto parts, fluctuations in the loading of production capacities, leads to an improvement of brand reputation, sales growth and contributes to business development.