Scientific research and technology


Scientific approach is the basis of any innovative and technological enterprise. The TMI TATSUMI brand is trying to introduce the latest technologies and scientific developments at its production sites. Our technical specialists and engineers devote a lot of time to the scientific research that is worked out in the use of the most modern materials and technologies in the production of auto spare parts.

The TMI TATSUMI representatives conduct several scientific research activities during every year in order to improve the quality of the products. In addition, we always try to innovate the car production process, for example, we have developed an advanced system for automobiles that will allow to improve fuel economy.

Different new technologies provide the automotive industry with innovative solutions and proficiency in the supply chain. These technologies can also be used for testing, manufacturing, and assembling automotive spare parts and components with higher efficiency, optimization, and cost-efficiency.

There are various manufacturing technologies that are developed according to specific auto components and the production requirements of the automotive industry. The scientists work in special technology centers situated all over the world that are united in a global network. Advanced technologies, the most progressive innovative solutions and modern know-how, which are used in future production process, are born here. We pay much attention to scientific studies because it is the basis of successful manufacturing. Such an approach provides us with an opportunity to give the best products to our customers. This continuous process, flowing from day to day, is provided by various engineers and constructors, who have power stands, metallurgical, analytical and hydraulic laboratories, stands where various loads are carried out, and so on, that is, all the modern material and technical, scientific and innovative potential.

Before launching a new product, TMI TATSUMI’s staff creates prototypes, carries out simulations of various modes, analyzes the data obtained and only after the successful completion of all preparatory work, they put the product into a serial manufacturing.

The TMI TATSUMI brand values new ideas and unusual thoughts as they create innovations that drive the progress. Scientific research is replenished every year with more and more new developments and implementations that we try to use at the factories.