Our mission

Our mission

The TMI TATSUMI brand was launched in 1951. Later it was integrated into the portfolio of the Tanaki company, a trustworthy manufacturer of spare parts for the local Japanese market. Tanaki has branches in Europe and Asia and it distributes manufactured products to many countries at present.

Tanaki has a rich history as a large industrial company that was associated with the manufacturing of equipment for the production of automotive components last century. The professional competences of the company's specialists are based on their great experience in engineering, innovations, technical support and other issues related to the automotive industry.

One of the divisions of the Tanaki company is Tanaki Europe, which distributes spare parts for passenger cars under the TMI TATSUMI brand to the countries of the European Union, European countries outside EU as well as former CIS countries. The products of this brand were introduced to the European market in 2008.

The range of TMI TATSUMI brand includes many product groups of spare parts for the independent aftermarket. All TMI TATSUMI products are obligatorily certified in accordance with the requirements of countries, where they are distributed. All branded packaging is marked with a unique product identification system that helps the consumer not only to verify the originality of the product, but also to check the correctness of the selection of spare parts.

Competent business planning at all stages of its development, consideration about production schedules and seasonality of demand, the use of modern methods of analysis and forecasting during work process - all these factors guarantee the production of high-quality automotive components at affordable prices.

Our main mission is to manufacture and to supply consumers with premium spare parts at attractive prices to ensure safe and comfortable exploitation of any automobile.

The TMI TATSUMI brand combines many years of technological and industrial experience in engineering as a premium automotive component manufacturer. Unique products under the TMI TATSUMI brand meet all customer requirements for such important criteria as safety, quality, price, compatibility and durability.

Special attention is paid to the exact correspondence of the manufactured products to the OE technical characteristics during the production of auto parts. All products, including expendable materials, for example, lubricants, are designed to be used with heavy loads and in aggressive conditions like high vibrations, temperature changes, etc. The use of modern technological solutions and the use of high-quality materials as raw materials allows us to increase the service life and reliability of our products.

The product quality control system, which provides for obligatory testing at all stages of production for compliance with the declared physical and chemical characteristics, resource tests and various bench tests, guarantees premium quality of the final products and excludes the sale of low-quality goods to a consumer.

Attention to all innovations in the automotive industry and other adjacent industries allows our company to maintain a high level of production, which ensures not only excellent product quality, but also economic efficiency. As a result, it allows us to look confidently into the future.

We build trusting business relationships with our partners and clients and do our best to work effectively with them.
One of the main priorities of our work is customer focus. To be closer to our clients, we have opened subsidiaries on different continents, not only focusing on direct sales, but also offering warehouse distribution functions. We are concentrated on finding the best ways to solve the problems of our clients as soon as possible, therefore we offer them comprehensive support.

The experience gained over the years of work has brought a number of values to our brand policy, which we consider to be fundamental:

1. Devotion - a customer-focused approach aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation, strong friendship and partnership with clients.
2. Professional management – employees, who have special knowledge and skills for effective work and promotion of the company on the market.
3. Decency and responsibility for business, partners and the quality of manufactured products.
4. Safety, support and client informing at all stages of cooperation.
5. Aspiration for development - improvement of company’s work and personal growth of each of the employees.

The TMI TATSUMI brand does not only provide premium spare parts, but also customer support. At your request the company's technical specialists will help you to choose the right position in full accordance with the individual characteristics of your car. We also offer our regular customers profitable terms of purchase, promotions and special offers.

Following modern tendencies, the company continuously develops its production, introduces innovations and improves the quality of manufactured products to become even better for customers.