Moral responsobility

Despite the fact that the main vector of our company is the production of spare auto parts, we also take a set of measures to protect the ecology and our environment. We believe that every company should act with high moral responsibility, trying to prevent any pollution and help to reduce negative impact on the environment. Since the foundation of the company, we have adhered to this principle, which is expressed in the Eco-Innovation Action Plan that is actively supported by all our employees. This document is one of the fundamental principles for the operation of our enterprise because we realize that it is in our ability to prevent pollution of nature, at least within our enterprise and our factories.

We declare various eco-innovations in our plan. They are the innovations, which make progress towards the goal of sustainable development by reducing impacts on the environment, increasing resilience to environmental pressures or using natural resources more efficiently and responsibly at our enterprises.

We suggest doing the following actions:
1. Policy and regulation. Our aim is to integrate different eco-innovations in industrial and economic policies of our company by focusing on its contribution to economic growth, job creation and our products' competitiveness.
2. Standards and performance targets. Eco-innovations benefit from ambitious standards and best performance targets. Working with international standardization bodies in the sphere of auto parts, our specialists work to identify areas where standards and performance targets could have the greatest impact and to propose their development in the company.
3. Demonstration projects and partnerships. However promising they may look on paper, many eco-innovation technologies still fail to make the leap from lab to market. One of the main aspects of our top management's work is to ensure appropriate funding for such projects by demonstrations, public-private partnerships and cooperating with other Japanese companies.
4. Green economy. We try to follow this principle that is defined as economy, which aims at making questions of reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. We suggest sustainable development of our company without degrading the environment. Our HR department maps out current and future skills needs in the company, with a focus on green jobs. The aim is to ensure that the labor force is equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to drive forward the green economy transition.

We strongly believe that eco-innovations and various green technologies are key to our common future and they are at the heart of our company. The economic prosperity and well-being are intrinsically linked to the natural environment, and the global demand for resource-efficient solutions will be a source of jobs and economic growth in the nearest years.