Working conditions and medical care

We sincerely consider and believe that the main value of our company is its staff. These people are putting in their best licks for our customers all the time, doing everything possible to improve both the quality of the products produced and to expand the service support for clients around the world. Tatsumi takes care of its employees, providing them not only with good working conditions, but also with many social benefits, for example, full health insurance for the whole family.

Our Japanese main office offers several working opportunities for the employees:
1. Social Security, Insurances and Healthcare. Japan’s Constitution expressly declares that citizens have a right to health. There are different social insurance schemes, which are designed to secure the life of workers by paying income-based contributions in the case of disability, old age or even death. Our company provides its employees with the pension insurance and the health insurance. Moreover, we submit employees with the workers’ accident compensation insurance and the unemployment insurance. All our workers employed in Japan are insured, regardless of whether or not they are a Japanese national.
2. Required Leave. We grant paid annual leave to all the employees that have been employed continuously for more than 6 months. The statutory minimum number of days of paid annual leave depends on the employee’s length of continuous service. Furthermore, we allow our workers to take leave in half day units and ensure the use of annual leave by the staff of at least 5 days per year.
3. Maternity and Paternity Leave. We provide maternity leave up to six weeks before childbirth, and eight weeks after childbirth. Furthermore, every employee regardless of gender that has been worked in our company for at least one year, is able to take child care leave for a child aged less than one year.
4. Sickness and Disability Leave. We implement our own rules regarding sick leave and payment during periods of sickness for our permanent staff. We try to cover a large part of costs that our employee has during the period of illness as we are very devoted to our staff. What is more, we do not settle the term of sick leave where an employee is suspended.
5. Pensions. As there are no mandatory pensions provided to employees in Japan, we have voluntarily introduced a variety of pension schemes in our company's management. Moreover, we adopt a number of incentive plans for our employees including work's performance bonuses, share options, profit sharing schemes and employee stock ownership plans.

We consider taking care of our employees one of our main obligations and try to do everything possible so that each of our employees feels like a part of our common world team.