Production sites around the world


The most important and valuable approach in TMI TATSUMI’s production bases on quality, innovations and the needs of the world automotive market. TMI TATSUMI’s premium product range meets the broadest needs of car owners. More than 50 production sites all over the world provide TMI TATSUMI brand with various premium auto parts.

Numerous engineers and technicians are constantly trying to maintain and improve the quality of the products. In order to offer the best premium products for our clients, we cooperate with the world leaders in the production of spare parts to exchange the experience. Moreover, production of many our spare auto parts is carried out at factories that supply conveyors of leading car manufacturers.

The TMI TATSUMI premium product quality meets all the requirements of world car manufacturers as perfect international quality is the key to the entire production process. Each TMI TATSUMI’s product group, for example, transmission components or cooling system’s elements, has its own production factories that correspond to all the modern requirements.


Production sites around the world


We work just for people. We work for our clients. We understand that the production of auto parts is a very responsible and important process, so each of our production site undergoes numerous quality checks. This fundamental principle has helped us to develop our own quality control system that is used in the company before starting production at a new factory.

To provide the excellent quality and choice of auto products, we pay much attention to the advanced production sites that use high manufacturing accuracy and select the best materials for production.

Moreover, TMI TATSUMI’s quality standards are based on the best performance characteristics of produced spare parts. Each of our factories has its own research laboratory, where engineers are able to control all the production processes. Buying TMI TATSUMI’s auto parts, the consumer can be sure of the perfect quality and its durability.

TMI TATSUMI’s production and research facilities are situated all over the world. Our auto parts are manufactured on the same product lines, using the same technology as auto parts that are supplied to automakers' conveyors. We try to do our best and achieve the highest level of premium production quality every day. Our technical specialists always combine permanent analysis of the functional and manufacturing aspects of well-organized production process with a clear understanding of what will be needed for auto components market in the future.