Environment protection


We have a strong conviction that all of us should pay much attention to Earth's protection and take care about the ecological environment. In order to achieve these goals, we have worked out several plans for the recycling and reuse of raw materials and the reduction of chemicals and heavy metals in our products. It is common knowledge that recycling is an investment for life forms, existence and sustainability in general. We have a desire for sustainability and the reuse off products that have already been used in our production process.

The pollution of our planet is mostly caused by the manufacturing of different man-made materials (for example, plastics, rubbers and various metals and other materials). We are trying to use them expediently so that our future generation will have clean and fresh air and water. We are able to make changes in the process of auto parts' production and stop the destruction of our world and our future.

We install special innovative air and water purification systems that do not allow the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere at our production sites. In addition, we devote a lot of time to landscaping areas both in the immediate vicinity of our factories and on the territory of the entire region in a whole. TMI TATSUMI organizes monthly eco hikes for its employees to the nature, during which we clean the area, plant trees, and take care of animals and various plants.


We are on a way to a very important and great mission - to save our planet and create a better future for the coming generations. Our mission is to cut down the pollution while the process of auto parts' manufacturing and supply quality spare auto parts that would reduce the need for new car parts to be produced meaning less factories polluting our atmosphere on the planet and saving valuable materials for the future. 

While manufacturing car components, we are always trying to use only environment-friendly raw materials. Our auto parts are fully consistent with the principles of modern, environment-friendly production. All our produced products are tested, cleaned and come with 24 months warranty from the day of purchase.