Message from the management

Message from  the management

We work for clients all the time. We always put our customers on the first place. We do try to be better day by day. We will continue being flexible and responsive to changes and deliver maximum value to our clients through the main principle “Always with You”.

The rate of different changes in the modern world is increasing constantly. Unusual and unexpected events have occurred all the time. To continue providing excellent values in such an environment, it is important that each of our employees and each of our managers functions in line with the principle “Always with You” in mind, responding to changes with flexibility and speed.

We have always run business with a sensitivity to the needs of clients and world society. Underlying our operations is the “Always with You” principle that always puts our customers on the first place. During a lot of time we have continued taking on challenges without any fear of possible failure. We have a strong conviction that the most fundamental part of conducting business is to constantly create and provide superior value while adapting the business to the needs of current and future customers.

Our business flexibility has been cultivated through the permanent provision of products from the perspective of what our customers need. What is more, our strengths also include agility and the possibility to provide cost advantages in products that fully correspond to the needs of customers. We do place great emphasis on strategic planning and develop annual, biennial and five-year production and economical plans in order to get all the things done, both in the short and long term.

We're not just looking for short-term sales and profits. We are focused on long-term production of premium auto parts, taking into account the entire conjuncture of both global and local markets. We create the foundations for the future growth of the company every day, as we try not only to achieve the planned strategic indicators - each of our employees strives to exceed them.

Now more than ever we must work together so that we will be able to form a solid foundation to gain quality/cost advantage. We have always been involved in a thorough review of different business processes to improve efficiencies in our company. By reviewing our businesses processes and building optimal human systems, we aim to reduce total working hours by 5% by the end of FY2023. During FY2018, which was the first year of the plan, we achieved a reduction of 3%. We are using the time saved to work on creating additional value for our clients. Besides, we pay much attention to fostering talent among our staff and enhancing related systems to enable the employees to demonstrate their skills and abilities over the long term through diverse trainee programs.

The business environment, in which we work, changes every day. We expect it will continue undergoing dramatic changes, but it is important that we are able to operate in any environment. We have confidently taken on these challenges, we continue evolving as a company in mind to quickly deliver superior value and greater satisfaction from our products than ever to clients.